I invite you all to comment on your views of what is right AND what is wrong with the Ararat Rural City Council. NOTHING is off the table, nothing. But I will say this: Please keep your comments civil and constructive. Absolutely nothing is gained by comments that are not in the spirit of co-operation. Please use the social media of “face book” or “twitter” by clicking on the icons above as well as the blue links below. Facebook and Twitter are used for our own “SOUNDING OFF”, whereas the links below are for the benefit of our State Government and Local Government Minister, the Hon. Natalie Hutchins, MP.  Your input to both will be very helpful. https://youtu.be/pq1GG9Kb_0g    Please watch this youtube video for more information. First of all, I want to inform you of what this Andrews Labour Government has done, that is, it introduced “Rate Capping”. As you all are aware, the Council Rates have risen far above the CPI/Inflation rates over the last 10 years or so, making it very difficult for many rate payers to pay their rates AND their normal living costs. This Labour Government is committed that rate capping will reduce your rates burden, whilst at the same time, ensures that essential Council services are maintained. In my opinion, this is a very wise decision by the Andrews Government. The most fair imposition of of rates is undoubtedly a “User Pays System”, which is indeed used for many Council services such as HACC and others, such as  Meals on Wheels. Council ought not to provide unnecessary services, unless at “full cost recovery”. This would ensure that those groups that want a particular service and are the beneficiaries of this service are also paying this service.  What you need to do: click on this LINK  and provide feed back to Minister Hutchins, the Minister for Local Government. Take the survey, it only takes a few minutes of your time and it is extremely important for the Minister and the “Essential Services Commission” to ensure a fairer rating system for the rate payers of Victoria. Submit your ideas and your comments on any subject about Local Government or your Council. I repeat: NOTHING IS OFF THE TABLE. Too often and with good justification, ratepayers say that Council is NOT listening to their concerns. NOW you can make them listen to you, so, please take this opportunity and forget about “Political Correctness”. This website oursay.org  is here to help you to curb excessive spending by Local Government. Please use the “oursay” links provided to help Minister Hutchins to help you for rates justice.
This page is for the ratepayers of Ararat.
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