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Buangor: A small village on the Western Highway. It is the final resting place of General Sir Cyril Bingham Brudenell White, hero of Gallipoli and the Western Front. white-sir-cyril-brudenell-1032
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Elmhurst is a town in the Pyrenees region of western Victoria, Australia. The town is on the Pyrenees Highway between Eversley and Amphitheatre. Wikipedia
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On the way up to “One Tree Hill”, a popular excercise route taken by the people of Ararat. You get rewarded with this view.
To learn more about this remarkable man, Tom Wills, check out the website:
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Pomonal is a town in western Victoria, Australia within the Rural City of Ararat local government area, 245 kilometres north west of the state capital, Melbourne. At the 2006 census, Pomonal had a population of 350. Wikipedia
What to do? Visit Barney’s Bistro Bar, Halls Gap Zoo and stay at the Pomonal Cottages. Visit Glass Artist James McMurtrie, 63 Springwood Hill Rd, Tel. 5356 6137
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Gold potential in Tatyoon district Tatyoon is a farming town with a GREAT POTENTIAL. Need we say more?
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Did you know, The first European to see the Moyston area was the explorer Major Thomas Mitchell in 1836. Squatters and their flocks of sheep followed soon after, among them Horatio Wills.   His son, Tom Wills, was Australia's first great cricketer and a pioneer of Australian rules football.
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Streatham, a small town on the Glenelg Highway was once known as Fiery Creek, which is the name of the creek that runs through Streatham and then into Lake Bolac, a freshwater lake. (see above).
The village of Warrak at the foot of Mt. Cole
Wickliffe Village. A quiet and relaxing farming community with hidden treasures.
Willaura is a town in western Victoria, Australia in the Rural City of Ararat Municipality.
You can stay at Willaura Grampians Cottage, visit the Willaura Bakery and purchase one of their very delicious pies, pasties, cakes or breads.
  Ararat’s Town Hall,
Ararat’s Shire Hall
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